AI powered smoking cessation.

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The Problem

More than 1.1 billion people smoke globally, 5.8 million people dies each year as a direct result from smoking addiction, 61,500 of those are innocent children under the age of 5 that suffer from secondhand smoke. Smoking is proven to shorten life expectancy by 10-15 years, main causes of life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer and other pathologies (diabetes, asthma, COPD) that negatively impact life quality. 

The total economic cost of smoking in EU society (healthcare expenditure, early mortality & productivity loss) is estimated at €544 bn each year. 55.4% of smokers, declare themselves willing to quit but only 5% that try manage to due to the strong physical dependency on nicotine and the psychological addiction to unconscious rituals, individual and social smoking moments. Current smoking cessation and nicotine replacement therapies turn out ineffective, with only 2 to 8% success rate proceeding the first 12 months of testing.

Our Solution.

Aion Smoking Cessation Program is a patented artificial intelligence system [Convolutional Neural Network] that is bi-directionally controlling a connected device from a mobile application. In layman's terms, the device will track the behaviors of the smoker during the first week of use, once consistent patterns are identified such as time of day device is active, intensity of inhalation & quantity consumed, the device will begin to use behavioral sciences to discourage consumption subconsciously. 

Aion is able to predict and anticipate cravings, displaying positive and/or negative stimuli to encourage users to progressively reduce consumption and stick with their goals of smoking cessation. Our dedicated Social Platform and Gamefications are specially designed to enhance social collaboration towards complete smoking cessation and prevent relapse upon complexion of the program. Robert Cialdini's work has proven the success rate of using this method of behavioral sciences to improve the odds by 60%. 

Aion is available both for iOS and Android Platforms and comes in 3 different hardware options (Nano, Vape and One), to effectively fight the addiction to traditional, electronic and heated tobacco cigarettes

Why Aion.

Holistic Approach - Aion is the only product that will address both the physical addiction to nicotine and the psychological affects formed through habit. 

Low Risk - Our products are a safer alternative to our competitors and do not contain any deadly and potentially fatal chemicals. 

Confidence - Our customers can find comfort in knowing that we have eliminated all conflicts of interest and our best interests are aligned with the consumer.

Aion International Industries do not commercialize liquids nor nicotine delivery products.


“Aion is a Trojan Horse to eradicate nicotine addiction”



Smoking cessation and therapies market value (Bio USD)


The smoking cessation and therapies market is expected to hit $20.137 billion for 2019 and growing at 22% CAGR to 2023 to mature into a $44.61 billion market. 


Success rate of smoking cessation therapies (% inside 12 months)


Compared to Nicotine Replacement Products (NRP) with 2% success rate and the best performing prescription drug (Champex) with 21% success rate, behavioral science approaches are proven to increase the success rate to 60% as per Robert Cialdini´s work.  



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